The Right Cane Size

Choosing the Right Height for a Cane

Walking canes have been used for centuries. Historically it was not just the weak or injured that used canes but many people used canes as an expression of themselves or as a status symbol. Canes were also used as weapons and as items that could be handed down over generations. Each cane should be unique to the owner as style and type but also as to the height of the cane. Store bought non-customized canes can cause more problems than they offer to help. A cane to tall can be of little help and a cane to short can cause back problems.

Choosing the right sized cane is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1 Wear your normal shoes that you go out with and have a tape measure ready.
Step 2 Stand still with your arms hanging casually at your side.
Step 3 Have an assistant measure from the floor up to the break in your wrist. This will be the height of the cane you will need.
To reduce a wood cane's height all you need to do is take the rubber stopper off the base and carefully cut the excess amount off the bottom with a small saw, then place the rubber stopper back on the end. If you purchase a cane from Creation Carvings simply leave a note on the height of the cane you would like. 


  • I purchased a cane from you a few years back, and unfortunately I set it down and turned my back and when I turned back, it was gone. Apparently someone else needed more than I did. Ether way I would love to have another one of your canes. The one I had, had a spirit carved in it and his beard wrapped around and down the cane. It was pretty large looking and it fit me well as I’m a fairly big man. If I’m not mistaken, it was 37 1/2 inches, it was a
    2 toned light colored wood. It was a piece of art. I would like to know if it would be possible if you could make another cane for me. Please feel free to contact me by email or phone 609-234-3743. I looked on your site and see nothing but walking sticks. Look forward to doing business with you again. Thank you for your time. Wayne Boise

    Wayne Boise
  • The stick came several days ago. Love it! Firm and sturdy. The beauty of the wood shines through it. God’s blessing on you and yours.

    Will Schaule
  • Hi Dave, what a perfect cane you picked out for me. I love the weight and grain patterns it. Adding my name was a great touch. This cane will have a lot of adventures with me. Have a great day. Eric

    Eric Bauer
  • Really he should measure and not just base it by his head height.

    David Egesdal
  • My father has shrunk to about 5’ 5" what size walking stick should he use?


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