About the Carver

     Well, a little about myself and my hobby. My name is David Egesdal and my wife's name is Lacy. We have three boys, Hunter, Carver, and Finn. My wife and I decided to make the Ozarks our home in 2009. We both loved the atmosphere of the Ozarks and the family that we had become part of at Sonrise Baptist Church. The heritage of this area is a major attraction to me as well. 
     Ever since I was young I had an interest in crafts from woodworking to leather working and now my hobby of woodcarving. I see art in everything that we do and it is a shame that our culture has limited it to specific areas. From my undergraduate degree in Youth Ministry with a Bible Minor to my Masters in Biblical Counseling to my current Math Certification for teaching, I see that each has an art of their own with techniques and skills specifically developed for their application to the world in which we live. 
     As I consider the more specific arts that are universally agreed upon I have to say that I favor woodcarvings. I started carving about three years ago as a healthy alternative to watching television and playing video games. There is something about creating an object from a block of wood that is satisfying. 
     It has been said by many that the carving was not carved but rather the pieces hiding it has been removed. I suppose that this is not only a statement that can be made about carvings but also a statement made about each of our lives in general. As the years go by we began to understand who we are more and more. Most of us carry many masks that hide the real us. With time the hope would be that we would learn to live and be as God intended for us to be. The sad truth is that many people keep their masks piled on. 
     I started woodcarving after visiting the Ozark Whittlers and Woodcarvers Club in Springfield. I took to the art quite naturally and found myself buying a couple knives the first night and carving for about 15 hours the first week. After finishing my Graduate degree my wife and I moved to Ozark and I began doing woodcarving on walking sticks and found them to be quite enjoying. Now we live in Ozark, Mo with my home business Creation Carvings.

Thanks For Reading,
David Egesdal