Deep in the Woods


This month has been perhaps the busiest month of my life so far. After half a year of looking for land and a home to buy, we finally have found a 16-acre sanctuary tucked away in the hills of the Ozarks. For the past 6 years, we have been living in the town of Sparta, Mo and I have been working on my carvings out of a small shop. This transition will allow me to have more room for carving and several locations that will work for drying out larger pieces of wood.

Back to Nature

I sit here typing on this marvelous piece of technology while sipping on a hot cup of coffee at Hebrews Coffee in Springfield, MO (excellent). Even now while I sit in this tranquil environment with its dimmed lights I cannot help but be distracted by the 20 small conversations going on around the room and the cars driving by on the other side of the large windows. My body longs to be sitting in the midst of the trees between the background noises of crickets, birds, and rustling leaves from the wind flowing through the trees.
The city has never been a place for me. When I am here I feel distracted, I feel used, I feel detached. It is in the midsts of towering pines and deer tread paths that I feel free. Here I can focus, here I am not distracted. It is here where reflection and prayer are most clear. God has given some people to have a heart for the cities but others He has left a strong desire for solitude in the woods.

Reason for the Move

This is the reason that we are moving. Our hearts have longed for a retreat from the metal, lights, and cars. Our new property has mostly woods and a few cleared acres. Behind the land, to the east runs thousands of acres of Mark Twain National Forest (some of the best forest lands in Missouri) and a short drive to the West lies Busiek State Forest. To the south lies the clear running waters of the Bull Creek and to the North is the only way out of our neck of the woods to get to civilization. The North is a cold place after all.
In this sanctuary away from the city we look forward to the silence, the stars, and the sun rises. I look forward to having long walks in the woods and sleeping under the stars. I look forward to playing with my 3 boys and exploring the forests.

Busy Now Relax Later

All these things are yet to come, however. There is much work to do first before we move in and there is much work to do in setting up shop in the midst of the busiest time of the year for crafters. God gives us seasons and right now the season is quite labor filled. As this season passes there will come rest.
In life, we have those times of ups and downs. We have the hard toil of life but there is a coming day for those who are known to Christ when we will find rest. While I look forward to the rest of our sanctuary I have a greater anticipation as I am "looking for that blessed hope and glorious appearing of the Great God and our Savior, Jesus Christ." Titus 2:13


  • The best walking stick I ever had. The sumac root cane is great. Light and strong.
    Thanks Dave

    Eric Bauer

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