Walking Stick Hickory Bear Carving
Hickory Walking Stick with Bear Carving made in the USA
Bear Walking Stick
Walking stick with bear carving
Hickory bear staff
handmade walking stick hickory bear
Bear Walking Stick
Bear Carving on Walking Stick, Hardwood Hiking Staff

Bear Carving on Walking Stick, Hardwood Hiking Staff

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This walking stick is great for trekking in the great outdoors! It is strong and durable enough to help you get through those tough hiking trails that require endurance and strength. This stick is also great for nature walks and enjoying a peaceful afternoon! Who knows? you may find a real bear along the way!

 All my carvings are hand-carved right into the walking stick I do include a strap and a rubber tip. The rubber tip helps grip the ground and the strap is most helpful when the body is tired and worn out.

Wood types used are woods grown from the Ozarks such as hickory, elm, oak, dogwood, hawthorn, persimmon, and others. The wood chosen for shipping depends on the type available at the point of purchase.

 Hand Carved Bear standing upright

  • Made in the USA
  • Up to 60” 
  • Customizable height
  • Strong
  • Leather strap
  • Heavy-duty rubber stopper
  • Carved down handle
  • Priority mailing
  • Carefully packaged and insured on delivery

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