Walking Stick for Mushroom Hunters
Morel Mushroom Hunting Stick
Morel Mushroom Hunting stick
Morel Mushroom Walking Stick
Mushroom Hunting Staff
Morel Mushroom hunting stick
Morel Mushroom Carving, Walking Stick,  Functional Art, Hand Carved Mushroom Hunting, Hiking Stick 60" Creation Carvings
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Morel Mushroom Walking Stick, Functional Art, Hand Carved Mushroom Hunting, Hiking Stick 60"

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Discover the Beauty of Our Hand Carved Morel Mushroom Walking Stick - A Perfect Companion for Your Hiking Adventures

Handcarved morel mushroom walking stick in Ozark Assorted Wood Types.


Are you a nature lover, a fan of mushroom hunting, or an avid hiker, and are looking for the perfect accessory to make your adventures even more exciting? Look no further! Our Morel Mushroom Walking Stick brings the beauty of nature right into your hands.

Perfectly crafted by skilled artisans, each piece captures the intricate details of the Morel mushroom making it a fitting tribute to nature's bounty. But this walking stick isn't just about aesthetics. Made with sturdy wood, it provides excellent support and balance, making your outdoor explorations safer and more enjoyable.

Our Morel Mushroom Walking Stick also doubles as a functional piece of art. With its hand carved details, it's truly a sight to behold. It's an eclectic style piece that will definitely catch the attention of other nature lovers. So, whether you're using it to aid your hikes or as an addition to your decor, this walking stick is sure to impress.

Walking sticks are a great companion while hiking or doing regular walking. They reduce the strain on the knees and help with balance. I personally take a walking stick out every time I go trekking these Ozark Mountains. I am confident in the durability of my walking sticks and the benefits they bring.

Everyone loves a good mushroom hunting stick. Mushroom hunting sticks are excellent to overturn plants and give good balance when going up and down those creek bed hills in pursuit of the perfect mushrooms.

This walking stick measures about 60 inches tall and can be cut shorter if so desired. At the top of this staff, I have carved a morel mushroom. The staff has a carved morel mushroom, a leather strap, and a heavy-duty rubber stopper at the base.

  • Made in the USA
  • Up to 60” 
  • Customizable height
  • Strong
  • Leather strap
  • Heavy-duty rubber stopper
  • Carved down handle
  • Priority mailing
  • Carefully packaged and insured on delivery

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