Hickory Walking Stick with Mountain Man Carving
Face Carved Stick
Face Carving on Stick
Hiking stick with Wood Spirit Carving
Mountain Man Carving on Walking Stick
Walking Stick with Face
mountain man carving
walking stick with face carving

Walking Stick with Face Carving + Mountain Man Carving + Up to 60"

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This Hardwood Walking Stick has a Mountain Man carved on the top of it by Creation Carvings. The hair on this man is wild, unlike the wood spirit who has a more whimsical swirl. The hand carved walking stick of a mountain man measures up to 60" tall and includes a rubber tip and a leather strap. 

Hiking sticks are a great way to get around while hiking or going down the road for a walk. They add support to each step and carved ones make great companions. 

Wood types used are woods grown from the Ozarks such as hickory, elm, oak, dogwood, hawthorn, persimmon, and others. The wood chosen for shipping depends on the type available at the point of purchase.

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