Walking stick with "DAD" carved at the top
Walking stick with "MOM" carved at the top
Walking stick with "NANA" carved at the top.
Walking stick with "PAPA" carved at the top.
Outdoor picture of multiple sticks leaning on a post.
Outdoor picture of a walking stick being used.
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Walking stick with Personalized Carving, Your choice of DAD, MOM, PAPA, & NANA, 48" Tall Hiking stick, Made in the USA.

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These walking sticks measure up to 48" tall. You choose which name you would like, for example, DAD, MOM, PAPA, & NANA. This stick would make a great gift for that special man or woman in your life, and a great Father's day or Mother's Day idea. It would make a great companion as you hike the trails or if you are just out for a leisurely walk. You could also use it to overturn leaves when mushroom hunting.

These walking sticks are hand cut from the Ozarks of America and kiln-dried for months before our perfection hand sanding and sealing were applied. Wood types used are woods grown from the Ozarks such as hickory, elm, oak, dogwood, hawthorn, persimmon, and others. The wood chosen for shipping depends on the type available at the point of purchase. 

  • Made in the USA
  • Up to 48"
  • Strong
  • Leather strap
  • Heavy-duty rubber stopper
  • Carved down handle
  • Carefully packaged and insured on delivery