Spiral Walking Stick
Walking Stick, Hiking stick with Spiral

Walking Stick with Spiral on Persimmon Wood by Creation Carvings - 60" Tall

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This 60" tall persimmon walking stick has a spiral sanded around it the full length of the staff and includes a rubber tip on the bottom. 

Creation Carvings is dedicated to making sure you get one that is well balanced with minimum wiggles. If you want a stick that has more wiggles please message me and I will pick out one with more "character". 

Walking sticks are a great companion while hiking or doing regular walking. They reduce the strain on knees and help with balance. I personally take a walking stick out every time I go trekking these Ozark Mountains. I am confident in the durability of my walking sticks and the benefits they bring. The stick that I have been trekking with is 19 years old and still works great on the Ozark Mountain trails.