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Small bag of wooden morel mushrooms
Wooden Morels for Decoration
Decorative wooden morel mushrooms
wooden morels decorating the mulch by a plant
Morel Mushroom decorations for the flower pot plant pot decorations

Bag of Morels, Set of 3 Morel Mushrooms, Hand-carved morel mushrooms in a bag

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Small mesh bag with 3 hand-carved morel mushrooms in it. This is a perfect gift for the mushroom hunter in your life. They come in a variety of woods sustainably harvested from the Ozarks. The mushrooms measure between 3-4 inches and look great in flower and plant pots as well as on desks and shelves.

While adding these to your shop, consider also getting yourself one of Creation Carvings' morel carved walking sticks for when you are out on the trail.

Use these small mushrooms to hand out to young and inexperienced mushroom hunters to show them what they are looking for while in the woods.

Use these morels to help train your eyes on what to look for on the forest floor prior to going out.

The morels in the pictures are examples of the set of three morels you will get.